Perfil de Fouzia


Nombre Fouzia
Ciudad Marrakech
País natal MA Marruecos
País actual MA Marruecos
Edad 24
Sexo Mujer
Idioma nativo AR Árabe
EN Inglés
ES Español
FR Francés
Idioma que practica DE Alemán
JA Japonés
NL Neerlandés (u holandés)



hi ! everybody. my name is fouzia .I am an IT engineer, travel lover, and i'm currently looking for a language exchange partner to study english, german or japanese language. And i can help you to learn Spanish, French or Arabic . I'm so interested in learning new languages and discovering new cultures and ideas, so feel free to contact me if you want to learn any of those languages. Hopefully I sparked your interest and we can become friends and study together.

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Nuevo mensaje
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