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Before writing, please check in the FAQ section (in English only for the moment) that you do not find the answer to your question.

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FAQ (English)

After registering on the site, I did not receive the validation email.

In this case, we first recommend:
- to wait a few minutes (emails can sometimes take a little time to arrive)
- to check that the verification email is not in the Spam folder of your mailbox.
- to check that there are no typographical errors in your email:

If, despite this, you still do not receive a verification email, we invite you to contact us.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You can reset your password on the following page:

How can I delete my account?

If you really want to close your account, you can find the button "Delete my account" on the following page:

A user proposes paid language courses. Is this normal?

No, the site does not allow any requests for paid services. It is even contrary to the very principle of a language exchange.
If a user proposes you paid services, we recommend that you report it to us.

A user makes inappropriate or offensive comments. What should I do?

Any form of discrimination, harassment or aggression is strictly prohibited.
If a user exhibits such behavior, we recommend that you report it to us.

You also have the option to block malicious users.

I do not agree with the list of countries or languages proposed.

A few countries or languages are sometimes disputed in the world. The LanguageExchange team does not intend to debate on the subject.
Also, to be impartial, the list of countries and languages used on this site are those of ISO 3166-1, ISO 639-1 and IOC country list.

Can I put my emails, IDs or URLs in my profile?

Social media IDs, emails or blog URLs are allowed only in the fields provided for this purpose:
These fields are protected from bots that crawl the web to collect IDs.

Consequently, it is not allowed to put your IDs in the Description field of your profile.
This rule is not to annoy you, but rather to protect your personal data against information-gathering bots.

Why can't I use disposable or anonymous emails?

Disposable or anonymous emails are indeed not allowed on the site. These emails are commonly used to create a multitude of fake accounts, while remaining anonymous.
For security reasons and respect for other users of the site, it was decided to no longer authorize this kind of emails.