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Idioma nativo :  Ruso
Idioma que practica :  Neerlandés (u holandés), Inglés
Hi, I'm Kate, and I'm a postdoc researcher. I'm from Belarus, but for several years I lived in Italy. Now, I live near Amsterdam with my husband and two black cats. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Dutch and polish my English. I would be happy to meet interesting people and offer Russian language practice in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Chino (Mandarín)
Idioma que practica :  Coreano, Alemán
Hello, I am a young professional working as Senior Business Analyst in Amsterdam. I am from Guangzhou, China and studied economics in Shanghai, China and Ann Arbor, Unites States. I am super passionate about learning foreign languages and currently working on my German and Korean. Hope that we can have a good time improving language skills together!
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Neerlandés (u holandés)
Hi I'm Kate and I'm a native Chinese speaker from Taiwan. I live in Amsterdam now and I am looking for a language exchange partner to improve my English speaking. I'd be happy to help you to learn Chinese and Taiwanese in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Español, Polaco, Otros
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Neerlandés (u holandés)
Hello, My name is Krysia and I live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and Dutch. I'd be happy to help you to learn Spanish, Polish and Other in exchange.
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín)
Hi I'm Daniel! I'm a software engineer based in Amsterdam, and have lived in Beijing and Taipei for some time before returning back to the Netherlands. I would love to brush up on my conversational Mandarin, so let me know if you would like to meet up some time for a chat! I can help you practice your Dutch or English in return.
Idioma nativo :  Francés
Hi Guys, I am a french teacher native speaker living in Amsterdam. I am learning arabic, spanish, dutch and english. I am looking for arabic, spanish, english and dutch native speakers, who is interesting to learn or improve in french. I woud like to start as soon as possible. Thanks Samy
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Español, Polaco
Idioma que practica :  Neerlandés (u holandés)
Hello, my name is Krystina and I live in in the Netherlands. I am looking to improve my Dutch. I'd be happy to help you to learn English, Spanish, Polish in return.
Idioma que practica :  Ruso
Hi there, my name is Silke, I'm 53 years old, I'm educated for medical assistant but since I live in the Netherlands I'm working in a big store for business people, on the clothes department. I have two grown children. My hobbies are reading and being creative (crafts); also I'm very interested in history and cultures. I started to learn Russian only since a few month ago and think, it would make sense to have contact to native speakers. In exchange I can help with German and eventually dutch.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Hindi (o hindú)
Idioma que practica :  Neerlandés (u holandés)
Hi, My name is Nemchand. I am from India. I am living in the Netherlands with my partner. I want to learn the Dutch language and also want to improve my Dutch language. If anybody help me then I can also help them for Example Hindi.
Idioma que practica :  Japonés
hi I am Livia i'd like to have a penpal who can teach me japanese, i can teach you dutch or english as exchange. my hobbies are, gaming, painting
Idioma que practica :  Polaco
Hi, my name is Michael and I am 30 years old. I am looking for someone who could help me learn the Polish language. I am half Polish, so in that case I speak a little bit Polish, but I don't have anyone to speak with in the Netherlands. In exchange I can help you with the Dutch language. I love to cook, cycling. travel, spending time with family and friends. Furthermore I love to work with numbers, so I work in finance. Feel free to contact me
Idioma que practica :  Coreano, Japonés
Here to make new friends, chat and share ideas culturally.
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín), Coreano
I am born and raised in the Netherlands and I am currently hooked on Chinese and Korean movies and tv shows. It'd be wonderful to be able to follow it in the native languages. Hence my interest in Chinese and Korean. I am looking for someone with whom I can practice my speech. I'd be happy to converse with you in any of the languages: Dutch, Japanese, English or German. I want to visit both countries and I am also looking to register and explore new friends! I'll be happy to return the favor when you are in Amsterdam!
Idioma nativo :  Japonés
Idioma que practica :  Inglés
Hi, I'm Toko. I've been Amsterdam for 3 month. I'm looking for language exchange partner. I like traveling, Yoga, excise. Please contact with me if you want to learn Japanese and Japanese culture.
Idioma que practica :  Español
Hi Guys! I would love to practice my Spanish with someone in Amsterdam. I can teach you Dutch, English and even some Polish :) I just started some Spanish lessons, but I noticed that to learn a language properly I need to practice and therefore I would love to talk with somebody about daily stuff, interest etc :) Hope to hear from you! Veronika
Idioma que practica :  Japonés
Hello, My name is lars. I'm 24 years old and I live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Japanese. I'd be happy to help you to learn German, English and Dutch in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Japonés
Idioma que practica :  Tailandés
Hi. I'm Lisa, currently living in the Netherlands, but moving to Bangkok in about a month.  I've been studying Thai independently (still primitive level), but encountered unsolvable problems, particularly tone rules, here and there.  (I know some irregularities exist in it's rules) I really need someone who can teach them logically.  I really want to upgrade my Thai skills so that I can find a job there.
Idioma nativo :  Árabe
Idioma que practica :  Alemán, Neerlandés (u holandés)
I am Simo, 25 years old and from Egypt. I speak Egyptian Arabic as a mother language. But I can also help u with the Moroccan Dialect, as I speak it fluently as well. I am looking forward to finding someone who is interested in learning Arabic and wants to help me get more fluent in either German or Dutch. I speak both of them on a very good level. But I wanna get way better. Feel free to contact me!
Hello, My name is Yasmine. I'm 25 years old and I live in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Sign Language (Spain), Japanese and Korean. I'd be happy to help you to learn English, Dutch and Sign Language (Morocco) in exchange.
Idioma que practica :  Coreano
Hi my name is Laura I am from the Netherlands I speak Dutch english And Turkish My hobby’s are painting,drawing,listening to music, hang out with friends I wanna learn korean I know a couple of korean words but I wanna be able to speak it fluently I hope someone can help me. I only wanna learn korean and will only reply to people who wanna learn me Korean