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Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Portugués
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín), Japonés
Hey outside there! World keeps turning... and here we are... for a little but for a good time, at least... Any messsage are welcome... be free; Dioniss Aca I can help you with Portuguese and English languague...gave some classes already.. Nice to meet you! I like to watch movies, to study philosophy, to talk about life and existential issues... I have admiration for oriental culture especially for samurai culture, ( honor, respect, loyalty ) I like to find new good music ( all styles ) as a hobby... and I like to collect epic phrases from anywhere... so if you have any suggestion of music or phrases I'm here to listen you ____________________________________________________________________________ Epic phrases: "The heart is the strongest muscle" -Braum, the Heart of Freljord "What do you fight for? To protect home and family? To preserve balance and bring harmony? For my kind, the true question is worthy fighting for" -Panda Warrior ( WOW Mysts of Pandaria ) "I, the one who awakens, am the Red Dragon Emperor who threw away the principle of domination; With dreams and infinite hopes, I will make the king's way; I will become the Red Dragon King; And I will promise you, a bright future, in deep crimson!" -Hyodo Issei ( DXD HERO ) "I am the one who occupies the top of all clans" -Escanor, o pecado do Orgulho "Anyone can be a hero, even a man who puts a coat on a boy's shoulders, so that he knows that the world is not over yet." -Batman "A strong mind created to exclude any retreat options is what throws me forward!" -Sairaorg "Whoever raises this hammer, if he is worthy, will then possess the power of Thor" -Odin (Thor) "Ohana means family; family means never to leave again!" -Stitch "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it is called present!" -Oogway (Kung Fu Panda) "We are what we believe we are" -Oogway (Kung Fu Panda) " But it's not about hitting hard, it's about how much you can catch and move on, how much you can catch and keep trying! That's how you win." -Rocky "I can't win, not alone" -King of Azeroth (WOW) "From the Light comes Darkness, and from Darkness... Light!" -Hadgar(WOW) "It’s loneliness, it makes us weak, it leaves us vulnerable" -Medivh (WOW) "Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you don't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you keep going, you will come to a better place" -Iroh (Avatar) "Wisdom is a circle Dr. Tesla, what we receive, we must return. We will be back!" -Vert Wheeler (Hot Wheels Acelleracers) "The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves!" -Unknown "So, with that we have a tie, an impasse. I'm sorry, supposed "gods" -Riku Dola (No game No life - Zero) "We are heartless machines, we live but we are not alive, let us die for having lived. Aus: Jawol!" -Ex Machina (No game No Life - Zero) "First, we used Ascheito to honor the dead, then we used Aschiento for consensus between the races. Now, we will use Aschento to agree to the oaths. Come on, the game must go on!" -Tet (No game No life) "How can I be stopped by something as common as my limit, I must go further: PLUS ULTRA!" -All Might "Our great mother doesn't take sides, she protects the balance of life" -Avatar "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." -John Augustus Shedd "I'm the best" -Unknown autor "My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump ___________________________________________________________________________ Did you read all? congrats, you're special
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Coreano
Idioma que practica :  Inglés
Hello, My name is shoal and I live in in the USA. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Korean in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Árabe, Inglés, Francés
Idioma que practica :  Alemán, Turco, Indonesio, Malayo
Hello every body, I'm Asmaa Egyptian girl. I like to learn new languages special Asian languages to visit these countries one day. I like sport and I guess that I'm very open mind person . I can speak french, I've already lived in France for a year. I can speak English well.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Indonesio, Javanés
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Turco, Árabe, Japonés, Coreano
Hello my Name is Nur Aziza , I'm Indonesian. I used to be studying English language and literature in University but need more practices especially from native speakers. I do love British accent in English.I wanna know more about English language and culture from another countries and meeting new friends around the world. Traveling is my favorite, especially nature trips. I wish i can make friends from anywhere, any countries and any languages, It will be fun for me to know more in languages and cultures out there. I'm also curious at Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Arabic languages but do not know how to start. Please don't be hesitate to send message, let's be friend
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Persa
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Alemán
Hello, My name is farshid and I live in in Iran. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English and German. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Persian in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín)
Hi I work in Vancouver at UBC. I study Chinese to build my career and to make new friends. My hobbies are: reading, public speaking, video games, going to the gym, riding my bicycle. I need to practice speaking and listening to Mandarin Chinese. I want to help people learn English. Contact me to meet by Zoom! Have a great day, Brian
Idioma nativo :  Árabe, Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Turco
Hi, my name is Lina. I am looking for a partner to help me with Turkish Language. My native language is Arabic and I am classified as an upper intermediate level in English. I can help you either in improving your Arabic or English. I am looking for someone who's actually and truly interested in improving her/his language.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Persa
Idioma que practica :  Inglés
Hello, My name is 121200 and I live in in Iran. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study English. I'd be happy to help you to learn English and Persian in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Persa
Idioma que practica :  Inglés
Hi everyone I am studying English and preparing for the IELTS test I am happy if anyone is interested in practicing with me and sending me a message "For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Español, Portugués
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Español, Portugués
Hello!. I can help you to practice Spanish,Portuguese and English, in exchange learn your language.
Idioma nativo :  Checo, Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Coreano, Italiano
Hey! Nice to meet you! I’m friendly and open minded person who love to meet new friends and people of different culture. I like learning languages so i would love to exchange languages with you. Please feel so free to contact me so we can get to know each other and help to each other as well.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Francés
Idioma que practica :  Japonés, Inglés
Hello, I'm a student. I'm actually learning Japanese (1 year). I can speak French(Native) and English. I'll be glad to speak with you or answer your questions about France :D Feel free to contact me. こんにちは、私は フランスの学生 です。今、1年間 日本語をべんきょうします。 フランス語と英語を 話すことが できます。 私は あなたの質問を答えられたら、私はうれしいです。 ごめんなさい、私は たくさん まちがえました。
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Polaco
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín), Coreano, Japonés
About me: I'm a passionate dancer (hip hop, popping, street dance) and have a huge sentiment to fashion&make up. Ive graduated MBC academy beauty school in South Korea. Now im looking for models to build my portfolio (free makeup and photos) 🥰👋 and also for people to exchange language as id like to develop. Cheers.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Turco
Idioma que practica :  Ruso
I want to learn about Russian language.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Persa
Idioma que practica :  Inglés, Noruego, Árabe
I'm Morteza from Iran, I'm teacher, I have 29 years old and single. I'm improving my english skill also practicing arabic and norwegian. I really like to find new friends from all around the world and language exchanging. please don't hesitate to message me.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Francés
Hello! Je m'appelle Mike et j'aimerais pratiquer le français avec un locuteur natif de la langue française parce que cette langue m'a toujours émue pendant de nombreuses années. Il me remonte le moral quand je peux parler de façon fluide et sans faute. Mon travail exige qu’on parle français. J’ai des clients québécois et le français est obligatoire. I would be happy to help with the English language. Rappellez-vous que l'anglais est la langue universelle, donc peu importe d’où vient le locuteur, mais je comprends que la réputation des américains au monde est provisoirement détruite. I like to bike ride, exercise, read, practice peaceful mindfulness, I like jazz artists like Sade and Kenny G. I would like to exchange with someone to better my French. Je sais qu’à l’écrit j’ai un bon niveau mais à l’oral j’aimerais améliorer ma façon de m’exprimer. Je connais un jeu que nous pouvons jouer pour mieux vous apprendre l’anglais et pour me faire parler mieux en français. Imaginez que vous soyez dans une immense forêt ou au milieu de l’océan sur un radeau Ça dépend d’où on se retrouve mais on aurait besoin des choses ou des outils pour survivre. On en aurait besoin dans quel ordre d’importance et pourquoi? Océan Savon=soap Couverture=blanket Miroir=mirror Feu d’artifice=fireworks Eau=water Food=nourriture Vêtements=clothing Crème solaire=sunscreen Journaux=magazines newspapers Couteau=knife Fluide anti requin=shark repellent Corde=rope Distillant d’eau=water distiller Boussole=compass Forêt Matches=allumettes Firewood=bois Saw=scie Bamboo=bambou? Eau=water Chaussures à grimper=climbing shoes Crème anti insecte=insect repellent Boussole=compass Radio=radio etc Qu’en pensez-vous?
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Esloveno
Idioma que practica :  Ucraniano
Привіт, мене звуть Йоже. Я словенець і живу в західній частині Словенії, біля міста Нова Горіця. Я також розмовляю російською та англійською мовами. Я часто в офісі розмовляю англійською мовою, це наша звична мова. Я програміст, одружений, маю трьох дітей у віці від 12 до 16 років. Я тільки почав вивчати українську, але я сподіваюся швидко прогресувати.
Idioma nativo :  Griego (moderno), Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Japonés, Chino (Mandarín), Coreano
Hello! I am Tony from Sydney Australia I was born in Greece but came to Australia at a very young Age.. I am currently trying to improving my language skills However i'm just a Beginner and have recently started learning Chinese Mandarin Korean and Japanese. I am looking for someone to help me practice these languages, and in exchange I could help improve your English language skills, as I have been speaking English for over 35 years now. I enjoy making new friends and I am extremely curious to know more about the traditions, customs and beliefs of other cultures, so I can be more open-minded about the world I live in. I am always up for an interesting conversation so don't hesitate to send me a message, I also have Wechat and Kakao Talk and Line Regard's. Tony. 你好!我是澳大利亚悉尼的Tony。我出生于希腊,但是在我很小的时候来到澳大利亚。我正在寻找可以帮助我练习这些语言的人。作为交换,我已经说了35年英语,所以我可以帮助您提高英语。我喜欢结交新朋友。我真的很想知道其他文化的传统,习俗和信仰,所以我对自己所生活的世界更加开放。我一直在进行有趣的对话,所以请随时留言,我也有微信和Kakao谈论。问候。托尼 여보세요! 제 이름은 호주 시드니 출신의 Tony입니다. 저는 그리스에서 태어 났지만 아주 어린 나이에 호주에 왔습니다. 저는 현재 한국어 실력을 향상 시키려고 노력하고 있습니다 만, 저는 초보자 일 뿐이고 최근에 중국어와 한국어를 배우기 시작했습니다. 이 언어를 연습 할 수 있도록 도와 줄 사람을 찾고 있으며 그 대가로 35 년 이상 영어를 사용해 왔기 때문에 여러분의 언어 능력 향상을 도울 수 있습니다. 나는 새로운 친구를 사귀는 것을 좋아하고 다른 문화의 전통, 관습 및 신념에 대해 더 알고 싶습니다. 그래서 저는 제가 살고있는 세상에 대해 더 개방적 일 수 있습니다. 저는 항상 흥미로운 대화를합니다. 주저하지 마시고 메시지를 보내주세요. 위챗과 카카오 톡도 있습니다. 문안 인사. 토니.
Idioma nativo :  Alemán, Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Japonés
Hello! I'm a 17 year old austrian girl looking for native speakers to improve my japanese.Therefore I would like to find someone who is also okay with skyping/calling. I like watching movies, music, singing and lots of other things. I could help with english and german. Please feel free to contact me.^^ こんにちはと始めまして! 私の名前はバネサ(Vanessa)です! 日本語を勉強しますから日本の友だちをさがしています。私の日本語はまだ上手じゃないけどがんばります。英語とドイツ語教えるできます。いっしょに勉強しましょうね〜
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Urdu
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Mandarín), Árabe, Español
Hi I am Mohammad Osama from Pakistan and way interested in learning langs Spanish,Arabic and Chinese are my Love!