Perfil de Armelmor


Nombre Armel
Ciudad Bandung
País natal ID Indonesia
País actual ID Indonesia
Edad 24
Sexo Mujer
Idioma nativo ID Indonesio
SU Sundanés (o sondanés)
Idioma que practica EN Inglés
JA Japonés
TR Turco
ES Español
KO Coreano


Instagram XXXXXXX
Sólo para miembros


I love movies, Traveling, Music( I'm playing guitar).

btw, I'm currently learning Turkish and I'd be glad if you can help me for it.
I'm also looking for someone living in English native country who's interested in talking with me (with Skype or WhatsApp for instance) so I can improve my English level quickly (however I love making friends in any case, so I would be pleased to meet you although you're not from these countries )

I'd also love to help you if you're learning Bahasa :)
see you soon!

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Nuevo mensaje
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