Perfil de Actuallynour


Nombre Nour
Ciudad Casablanca
País natal MA Marruecos
País actual MA Marruecos
Edad 20
Sexo Mujer
Idioma nativo FR Francés
Idioma que practica ES Español
JA Japonés
KO Coreano
RU Ruso
ZH Chino (Mandarín)
EN Inglés


Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hiii ! 안녕하세요 ! Salut tout le monde !
I'm Nour (눌), i'm half french half moroccan, i'm 20 years old and I grew up in Morocco but went to french school my whole life so french is basically my first language. I speak french arabic and english fluently. I'm struggling a little in spanish and i really want to learn russian, japanese and chinese (i know that's a lot lol). I'm very passionate about learning new languages and i'm currently i'm trying to learn Korean but i literally just began and it's not that easy haha. I would love to meet native koreans (or russians, japanese or even chinese people) who speak english or french so we can communicate and help each other out that would be amazing ! So if you're interested pleaaase message me i'll be glad to answer to everyone ! almost all my socials are : actuallynour feel free to add me or ask for my number !

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