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Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Español
Idioma que practica :  Japonés
こんにちは、私の名前はマルセロです. I am learning japanese because I like their culture and how the people are in that country, and I have the dream to go there one day, but first I need to improve my japanese, and a good way to do it is practicing with a person. I can also speak Spanish, it's my native language. I like to watch movies, do track and field, play chess, ohhh but what I really love is listening EDM(electronic dance music).I am a beginner in japanese, but we can practice english or spanish if you want, let's talk😃
Idioma nativo :  Español
Idioma que practica :  Japonés
Me llama mucho la Atención de aprender un nuevo idioma ya que es muy entretenido y quiero lograrlo formando nuevas amistades