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Idioma nativo :  Chino (Taiwanés)
Idioma que practica :  Español, Japonés, Inglés
Hello, My name is peggy and I live in Manhattan, in the USA. I am looking for a language exchange partner to study Spanish, Japanese and English. I'd be happy to help you to learn Chinese (Taiwanese) in exchange.
Idioma nativo :  Japonés
Idioma que practica :  Chino (Cantonés), Inglés
Hi I’m Fumi! I’m from Tokyo and currently live in Manhattan. I would like to learn English and Chinese for businesses. I can teach you Japanese and a lot of information about exciting Japanese culture. And I love eating, finding lovely cafes, shopping, working out and so on. If you are interested in or could exchange them, Please send me messages!! ;)
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Español
Idioma que practica :  Coreano
My name is Maria. I am trying to study korean because I want to study in Korea for college. I speak Spanish and English Fluently. I cannot wait to meet you.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés, Español
Idioma que practica :  Coreano
Hey there I'm katy, I'm 15 (turning 16 this year) and I love learning and exploring about many different things. I have many interesting hobbies like cooking, gardening, studying foreign cultures (currently studying south Korean culture and language) and listening to bts. I speak both English and Spanish ( I'm dominican, italian, cuban and american). If you wanna be friends, chat with me on smapchat or email me
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Ruso, Chino (Mandarín), Español
Hi!¡Hola! 你好!Привет! My name is Cherish and I am 23. I love learning foreign languages. I am a student studying East Asian Studies and Russian Studies as well as Spanish. I am a native English speaker who wants to practice Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin. I love art, music, literature, and philosophy. Soy estudiante y me gusta el arte, música, literatura, y la filosofía. Я студент и хочу практиковать говорить по-русски. Я люблю искусство, музыку, литературу, и философию. Thanks!