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Idioma nativo :  Italiano
Yo, people! This is Alessio from Italy. I don't know how to feel this box with details about how I spend my time and what I'm interested in because I really like a lot of things, and I am interested in everything I can get my hands and eyes on. I've devoted my life studying as many languages as possible and I can speak english, french and spanish (fluently), indonesian and japanese (not so fluently, there's a lot of work yet) and a little bit of german. I like humanistic subjects like history, literature, arts and music and a lot more things. I like to talk about everything with everyone so languages are essential! I also like other things like nature, camping, travelling, sports, movies and (almost) any kind of art. I like to share knowledge, opinions, feelings and impression about everything, but it doesn't mean I don't like a random relaxed chat! ;) You can contact me at hotmail or at my fb profile