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Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Español
Hey, I'm Luke. I'm a 19 years old personal trainer, looking to improve my Spanish and make new friends!
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Árabe, Español
Hi, I'm a British student studying languages at university looking for a language partner to improve my language ability. I enjoy films, the outdoors, sports and travelling :)
Idioma nativo :  Chino (Mandarín)
Idioma que practica :  Inglés
Hi,I recently relocated to The UK,and wish to improve my fluency of English. My native language is chinese Mandarin and I also have a BA degree of Japanese studies. I've worked as a japanese interpreter for nearly 10 years,so I'm also very much good at Japanese. Anyone who wants to learn mandarin or japanese ,or both, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Alemán, Chino (Mandarín), Español
Hi! My name is Ali and I am from the South of England. I am currently not looking for a language exchange. I am currently at university in Leeds studying Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I have also studied German in the past so am looking to practise my German too. I would love to find someone to help me with Chinese and other languages. I hope that I could help teach some English too.
Idioma nativo :  Inglés
Idioma que practica :  Polaco
I'm a doctor working in Guildford, UK. I enjoy basketball, writing and play the piano and cello. I am a native English speaker and am looking to learn Polish. My mum is Polish but my Polish at the moment is quite basic. I can also speak reasonable German.